How to Assign Static IP to Network Interface uap0 RaspAP

January 29, 2020 1 minute

So recently I encountered intermittent problem when running the RaspAP on my raspberry pi. The problem is on the interface uap0, created by RaspAP for Hotspot access point. This interface supposed to have static ip

However, sometimes it gets assigned with entirely different ip range (e.g: 168.x.x.x) when I messed up with RaspAP’s setting.

Although I am still looking at the root cause of this issue (it is very hard to reproduce), I already have mitigation solution to remedy this problem:

Assign uap0 static ip using ifconfig

sudo ifconfig uap0 netmask up

Then restart the raspap-service

sudo systemctl restart raspap.service

Assign uap0 ip via RaspAP Web Interface

The other way than using terminal access above is using the RaspAP web interface. Just point your browser to the raspberry’s RaspAP url. On Configure Networking menu, select uap0 tab then configure like below:

Set empty for the rest of configuration (e.g: default gateway, dns, etc).

Then click Save Setting and Apply Setting.


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